Rent a Cabin or Buy a Cabin – the choice is yours

Rental Rooms / Sleep Outs

Small 3.6 x 2.4

From $75.00 a week

Standard 4.2 x 2.4

From $90.00 a week

Rental Office / Studio

Standard 4.2 x 2.4

From $90.00 a week

Buying a Cabin Outright (Cash Buyer)

or by Rent to Own through a Finance Company

10m2 Skid cabins

Standard or End-View

Starting from $80 a week *

*Conditions apply

Our portable Comfy Cabins are a great way to get the extra space you need anywhere in the North Island (Sorry South Island), in an easy, healthy, cost effective, safe and secure way. We deliver your relocatable cabin to your property ready for you to just move in. You’ll like our professional, honest and straightforward approach, with no hidden costs. Your cabin will look smart on your property, but most importantly, will be truly comfortable and it will be economical to run, whether for home or workplace. You can either Buy the Cabin as a cash buyer, or Rent to Own your transportable cabin OR if you are in the Auckland – Waikato area you have the option of RENTING a cabin. We invite you to discuss these options with us so you get what suits you best.


Healthy & Low Cost Living

Double Glazed Ranchslider and Windows

Full insulation: Walls, Ceiling, & Underfloor

Nylon carpet (allergy free) with Plush underlay

LED Interior Lights

LED Exterior Sensor Light

Safe & Secure

Lockable Door

Security Stays on Windows

Exterior Sensor Light

Smoke Alarm (10yr battery)

Easy Access

Wide opening Ranchslider

Deck Included

Low to Ground

Ready to Use - No Hidden Costs

Delivered & Leveled

Curtains Included

Carpet with Underlay

Deck Included

Approved Power Lead (10amp)

Building Insurance Included with Rentals