Cash Purchase and Flexible Payment Options Available: Rent to Own/Rent to Buy (Financing)

Rent to Own

We offer you a no fuss Rent to Own finance option on our 10m2 sleep out cabins.

Simply select the “I want to use the cabin while I pay it off” option on the response form NOW and we’ll show you how.

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Rent to Own / Rent to Buy

How Rent to Own Cabins Work

We only build and sell 10m² sleep-out cabins (no kitchen or bathroom).

A Rent to Own finance option allows you to use the cabin while you are paying it off. The process is simple. Comfy Cabins can introduce you to an independent finance company with competitive interest rates. Once you approve the emailed quote and indicate interest in our finance option, we will send you the loan application form to complete and return.

After your application is received, you will work directly with the finance company. You must comply with their loan criteria and terms and conditions. The information you provide is confidential and not shared with Comfy Cabins. Often, no deposit is required when working with our nominated finance company.

If you prefer to arrange your own finance through family, a bank, or another source, we will provide a tax invoice for the cabin and deposit, treating you as a cash purchaser. This requires a 50% deposit, a progress payment during the build, and the balance payable prior to delivery.

Consider arranging your finance in advance to become a “pre-approved” buyer. Once approved, we will liaise directly with the finance company during the construction phase of your Comfy Cabin sleep-out.

When purchasing through our Rent to Buy option, full-cover building insurance for your Comfy Cabin is required. You can add this to your existing insurance policy or arrange specific cover for the cabin.

Built to Order

All our cabins, including Rent to Buy cabins, are built to order and customised to your specifications within our building systems. We offer standard designs and specifications for cost-effectiveness, but you are welcome to customise your cabin. Any changes will be reflected in the price. The standard interior finish is painted ply in a near-white tone, but it can be custom painted in almost any colour. Cabins can be ordered with or without flooring, window coverings, and decks. For the most accurate quote, complete as many of your preferences as possible in the online form. Alternatively, call us for a no-obligation phone conversation. Once the specifications are agreed upon, we will provide you with the price of your cabin.


Comfy Cabins insures the cabin throughout the manufacturing and delivery process until we hand the key over to you. From that point, if you are using the Rent to Buy option, you will need full-cover building insurance for your cabin. Cash purchasers can choose whether to insure their new cabin.

When you use our “Fill out Form Here” button, you will work through the various options in the quote application form. The more information you provide, the more accurate the quote will be.

Council Permits

Our 10m² cabins, which do not include water or toilets, typically do not require Council Consent in most areas. However, there may be regulations regarding the cabin’s proximity to the boundary. Generally, councils allow as many 10m² buildings as you can fit, so you may want more than one!

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Credit criteria and approval apply to all Rent to Own contracts.

No Fuss Rent to Own Finance Option

Through an independent finance company, we offer a hassle-free Rent to Own finance option for our sleep-out cabins.

Simply select the “I want to use the cabin while I pay it off” option on the response form, and we’ll guide you through the process.

Buying a Cabin Outright (Cash Buyer) & Customising a Cabin

Cash Buyer or Finance Options

You can buy your cabin outright with a cash purchase, or pay it off while using it through our Rent to Own or Rent to Buy finance options. All our 10m² cabins can be financed this way.

What is a “Custom” Cabin?

We offer a standard specification and building system to maximise the value of our cabins. Any variation from this standard is referred to as a “Custom Cabin,” tailored specifically to your requirements (within our building systems). Our standard exterior cladding is Windsor Grey ColourSteel, but we offer other ColourSteel colours or ColourSteel Maxx for marine environments at a small additional cost. The ranchsliders and windows are quality powder-coated double-glazed aluminium. Our standard is Silver Pearl, but you can choose an alternative powdercoat colour. There are three floor covering options, or we can leave it uncovered if you prefer.

Upgrade or Downgrade Options

Our 4.2 x 2.4m (10m²) skid cabins can have the door in the middle of the long side (STANDARD) or on the short wall (END-VIEW). We have two chassis options: hot dip galvanised chassis or treated pine, both with skids against the ground. Most customers choose to have the deck in front of the ranchslider, but this is optional. Double glazing is our default and highly recommended, though single glazing is available as another custom option. Other options include additional windows, window coverings, and installing a heat pump.

See the standard layouts: Gallery and Floor Plans.

Electricity Supply

For all our cabins, we need to know how close they will be to the power supply, which should normally be within 22m. The cabins are rated at 240v – 16 amps. Ideally, a 15amp RV plug should be installed for the cabin to plug into. However, we can also connect to a standard power point if that’s the only option available. If you have an older house with wire fuses, we recommend purchasing the “Adaptor Lead” which limits the draw-off in the cabin to 10amps, ensuring there’s no risk of overloading your older electrical circuit (newer houses have additional safety features built in).

Council Permits or Consents

Our 10m² Sleepout Comfy Cabins comply with the requirements of almost all councils, so no consents or permits are required. However, we recommend checking for any restrictions on how close the cabin can be positioned to the boundary.

Eco-Friendly and Specialist Custom Options

In addition to our range of flooring options and window coverings, if you are going “off-grid,” talk to us about your plans. We can manufacture the cabin with a separate 12V lighting system for those opting for a cheaper solar power system. With so many alternative 240V systems available, you will need to provide your preferred solution, and the cabin can simply plug into that power source. We offer various toilet options, from standard flush toilets with or without a waste pump to composting and chemical cassette units. While the cabins are easy to heat with their compact area, high insulation, and double glazing, you may also want to add a heat pump. For marine environments, we recommend upgrading to ColourSteel Maxx cladding and roofing, which is designed specifically for areas within 200m of the NZ coast.

Value, Not Just Price

Comfy Cabins cost a little more because you get a lot more as standard. This is true VALUE. We offer double glazing as standard, with a special cross-ventilation window next to the ranchslider, provide insulation above the building code in walls, have a sensor exterior light, and a dimmer on the interior downlights.

Lead times will apply and will be indicated on the quote and confirmed at the time of order.

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