Buying a cabin outright (Cash Purchase) or through a Finance Company (Rent to Own)

If you wish to purchase a cabin by buying it outright or through a finance company (providing our rent to buy option) simply fill in as many details as you can on the contact form below and we will email you back with a free quote.

There are a number of options such as colour, flooring, window coverings and deck that affect the price.  So we can accurately quote the cabin, please select as many of the following options as possible;

We normally include the delivery cost when quoting a cabin for sale or rent to own, so please provide your town or actual address when filling out the form. (NOTE: we only deliver in the North Island)

We offer you a no fuss Rent to Own finance option on our sleep out cabins.

Simply select the “I want to use the cabin while I pay it off” option on the response form NOW and we’ll show you how.

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