Not all rental cabins are created equal – Tips for great cabin rentals

Not all rental cabins are created equal – Tips for great cabin rentals

There are numerous reasons why people hire a cabin to place on their property – but normally people who hire a cabin need extra room for teenagers, an artist’s studio, a home office, a playroom, a sleep-out for long term guests… and for all these reasons, people who need to rent a cabin are looking for a warm, secure, pleasant and modern rental cabin.

Our handy checklist when comparing portable cabins for rent


A rental cabin should be well lit. As well as well-placed lights, a portable cabin should and have adequate windows for pleasant natural light illumination during daylight hours.
Our rental cabins have glass sliding doors and window light. A 10 Watt LED security light with a movement sensor outdoors makes finding your way in at night easy, and LED interior lighting provides illumination good enough to read by – with a low running cost.


Your rental cabin should lock securely and have braces on windows to allow them to be left slightly open to allow fresh air ventilation – without being enticing to burglars.
Our rental cabins have lockable ranchsliders and security stays on the window – and also have an installed smoke alarm!


Forget dashing out to buy an extra long extension cord and hooking a portable cabin up to your mains yourself – power supply to temporary buildings should be done correctly, by the rental company.
Two double power points are provided in each rental cabin. Our portable cabins come with 10 Amp overload and a RCD power lead (compliant with NZ electrical standards and insurance requirements) up to 20m long. Each cabin has an Electrical Certificate of Fitness and the RCD cable and RCD cabin switchboard provide extra safety.


So many portable cabins are damp and smell mouldy due to leaks, under-floor damp, and old carpet. This is not pleasant, or good for your health.
Our cabins for rent include full insulation (in the walls and ceiling with an underfloor waterproof membrane), and the new carpet in each cabin has heavy underlay so you can save on heating and cooling bills, and stay dry and warm. The rental cabin roof has an overhang to protect the doorway from rain, and both the windows and the ranch sliders are double glazed for extra energy efficiency and warmth.


A portable cabin doesn’t have to be an ugly Portacabin like you see on a building site! Modern cabin design means that your home will still look attractive with a portable cabin on site.
Our rental cabins feature modern design with dark neutral exterior colours, soft off-white interior walls, and new carpet and curtains in neutral tones – and of course a stylish timber deck.


You don’t want to be chocking a portable cabin up with blocks of wood or making temporary steps with cinderblocks! Safe, level temporary cabin installation is very important.
As part of the Comfy Cabins delivery package, your rental cabin will be positioned, levelled and have power connected. Our portable cabins are low to the ground for easy access via the integrated deck. We can provide ramp access if required.


Not all portable rental cabins comply with Council restrictions! Make sure that you check that a rental cabin is compliant with your local council bylaws before making any rental arrangements.
The Comfy Cabin rentals have dimensions of 10m2 or less, so a council permit is not often required.


Make sure that insurance, site visits and delivery of your rental cabin are included in your agreement.
Yes, building insurance and site inspection are included in Comfy Cabins rental agreements, and delivery / collection are quoted beforehand – so there are no costly surprises when you rent a cabin from us.

If you like the sound of what we offer, please ask about a rental cabin for your home today.